About Us

Who We Are

Skysack is an emerging leader in procurement, freight management and logistics solutions. Our edge is the value we offer to you. Be it personalization, technology, storage, security, service, and cost, we got you covered!

Our comprehensive expertise of the trade, ever-changing custom requirements, environment and markets guarantee your cargo – whether small or big – is delivered with foresight and proficiency.

Our determination at Skysack is to excel. That directs us towards solutions which are adaptive, comprehensive and allows a relationship with you based on commitment and trust. Our dedication to service empowers us to establish experience for your moving which will make you pick us always.

Our Team

Our passionate team is loaded with experienced and talented people who bring their distinctive strengths to the table. Their varied skill set drives our operational excellence. That allows us to deliver feasible solutions to the most stimulating issues.

Skysack  delivers Procurement, Air Freight, and Ocean Freight service and other logistics solutions. We are based in Maryland, USA. Our team engages with you to understand better and personalize your needs. We want to help you connect with the world better, always.

Our global and local network guarantees that your shipments will meet all international and national regulations, so you get hassle-free, faster deliveries. Our consultants assess and make modified services which add value to your logistic requirement in the region, so your collaboration with us pushes you to further success.

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