Air Freight

Air Freight

Skysack combines consolidators and air carrier relationships with strong software. That’s to offer an air freight service which is affordable, predictable, and personalized to the needs of your business.  Ship by air anywhere you want. From an easy hand carry package to chartering the entire plane, we can fly your freight.

Your urgent air freight will get the attention and care it deserves from a freight forward staff which takes it personally.

Efficacy with the help of technology

A conventional air freight model is to guess cargo density fairly. It assumes an extreme amount of waste and passes the inflated expenses to clients. At Skysack, we are overturning that practice by utilizing our structured booking data to optimize better consolidations. We wish to lessen waste and keep rates reasonable for you.

A dependable partner during difficulties

Supplier mishaps, demand spikes, new products can all result in an urgent air shipment. When that period comes, having your dependable team at Skysack on your side will create all the difference. Quick quote turnaround times, review route planning, verification of uplift, as well as granular last-mile visibility,  offer you the guarantee you that your shipment will arrive on time.

Air freight is the most valuable option when transferring goods. This type of shipping also offers the advantage of absolute security because airport cargo controls are managed closely.

Having a comprehensive global network of agents, we’re able to deliver the most cost-efficient logistics solutions combined with:

  • Effective and fast communication
  • Identifying the most suitable methods for using air freight options (full and split charters, express traffic, door-to-door, consolidation, indirect and direct flights, major airliners)
  • Coordinate individual and corporate shipments

Because of the unexpected yet fast changes of demands around the world, it’s crucial to have a partner who offers trustworthiness and steadiness to keep your supply chains complete probity.

Whether your goods should fly on commercial planes, or there’s a need for an exclusive cargo aircraft to fly them, Skysack  can provide tailored solutions for you and your air freight.

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